Buy 1st or Sell 1st Dilemma

 Sell First?

  • You know exactly what you have from proceeds of the sale of your home.
  • Fewer unknowns regarding the sale i.e. Price, closing date and chattels included
  • Less pressure and anxiety during the selling process
  • Closing date is usually around 60 days. If home is a starter home or the buyer is renting, a longer and/or more flexible closing date can be negotiated with the buyer.

Downside of Selling First

Many vendors will buy what is currently available that matches their closing date. There is a higher risk of buying the wrong home . . . back in the buying and selling dilemma again in a few short years.

No Worries ...We can help!

No Worries ...We can help!

Lots of Stress and anxiety because of the following unknowns:

  • they have not found a home to move to
  • are prices going up?
  • are mortgage rates going up?
  • feel pressure to buy

Buy First?

  • Better buying decision will be made
  • Happier with the home you bought
  • Stay longer in your home
  • Fewer disruptions to you and your family especially children
  • No pressure when buying!
  • Negotiate a better deal!

 Note: With a closing date of at least 90 days and preferably 120 days there will be less pressure on you.

 Downside of Buying First

  • You may experience a lot of stress and anxiety while selling your home!
  • May have higher costs carrying the expenses of 2 homes for 1-3 months accepting less money on the sale of your house or a combination of both.
  • May involve a double move to facilitate a sale or if a new home purchase is delayed.


Your decision should be based on the following!

  • How you handle risk and worry!

    Your in Good Hands

    Your in Good Hands

  • Equity in your home!
  • Saleability of your home . . . is it unique
  • Income/cash flow
  • Total cost of entire move
  • Time frames you have to meet
  • Uniqueness of home you want to purchase!
  • Are you considering a new home!
  • Disruption to your family
  • Ability to arrange bridge financing



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To Make A Good Move Buying or Selling is not Luck!

To Make A Good Move Buying or Selling is not Luck!