How to Choose the Right Salesperson

All Real Estate salespeople are not created equal . . . The services they provide and their experience and skills vary dramatically even within the same office.  The average salesperson barely makes a living and is lucky to be in the business after 3 years.

Choosing the Right Salesperson is critical . . .Your choice can cost you or save you thousands of dollars.

Wherever you look, salespeople present themselves as #1, Top Producers or Area Specialists. They present slick slogans, glamour photos, awards won and other irrelevant information. Most buyers and sellers want to know “what’s in it for them”.

Friend or Relative?

With over 40,000 licensed realtors you are likely to know one or be related to one.

We Can Help!

We Can Help!

Should I choose my Friend or Relative? Consider carefully.

 Poor agents expect business because of the relationship and do little in return

. . . the friendship can be strained or ruined.

 Good agents want to earn your business on merit and do more than is required . . . everybody wins.

 It is a difficult choice. Good agents who are friends or relatives understand and will respect your decision because they value the relationship more than the business.

Poor agents do not understand… they just expect your business often because they have so little other business.

 Most agents will get over their friend/relative not choosing them. Poor service, mistakes and serious problems that cost you thousands will remain with you for a long. It is difficult to tell a friend/relative you are not happy or they’re fired.

 Select someone based on the service they can provide, the guarantees they offer, experience and confidentiality . . . if they meet all those criteria plus being a friend/relative, you have a winner.

Based on Production?

Some agents do many deals and do a bad job

Some agents do very few deals and do a great job.

Choosing solely on this criterion is usually a mistake.

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