Safe Closing Insurance

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You can have peace of mind when your house is sold!

What Would You Do If Your Home Closing Was Delayed Or Fell Through?

This can happen and may cost Buyers or Sellers thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. Unfortunately the only recourse is costly litigation with no certainty they would recover their additional costs.

Rhodes and Williams Limited a Registered Insurance Broker, now offers you an inexpensive solution. Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance*, This policy provides you with coverage for irrecoverable extra costs resulting from unforeseen delays or failures in your home closing. Coverage is up to $25,000 in coverage for up to 180 days from the original closing date.

Some examples of extra costs which may arise:

Your in Good Hands

Your in Good Hands

  • Legal Fees
  • Moving and Storage
  • Temporary Accommodations
  • Living Expenses
  • Bank Charges and Interest
  • Mortgage and Interest Payments

Home Sellers are vulnerable when buyers are unable to close. There are many ongoing extra costs to maintain a home that has failed to close, that can come into play when you have already purchased another home:

  • Gas
  • Hydro
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Interest on Bridge/Blanket Mortgages

Best of all, this coverage whether buying or selling a home gives you peace of mind, confidence and security.

We have you Covered!

We have you Covered!