Staging Your Home

Staging is the process of arranging a home to provide a positive impact on buyers from the second they walk through the door.

Most experienced salespeople have been helping sellers stage their homes to sell for years. We call it preparing a home to show its best.

Some realtors ask sellers to hire and pay a home stager to tell them how to get your house ready.

In a perfect world it would be nice if we could have the house professionally staged and move into a hotel so the house is perfect all the time. That is not reality for most sellers for many reasons:

Prepare and Achieve the Best Results!

Prepare and Achieve the Best Results!

  •             Don’t have the money
  •             Don’t have the time
  •             Don’t want the disruption
  •             Have to live in the house
  •             Too stressful
  •             Can’t be bothered
  •             Too old
  •             Not able
  •             Don’t agree
  •             Find it insulting

Each person’s needs and circumstances and reasons for selling are different. We work with Sellers to help to get the house to look its best. We try to understand what each is willing and capable of doing.

We make suggestions that are in line with the seller’s budget to help them get a higher sale price in a shorter time frame.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars before getting advice from an experienced and professional Realtor. We can save you time and money by suggesting the most important things to be done.

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Let us Teach You!