Team Approach to Better Serve You

We Have the Keys to Your Property

We Have the Keys to Your Property

Most real estate salespeople still work with clients the way they did 25 years ago. I know because I was there.

Most do everything themselves. They are the secretary/assistant, the marketing person, the salesperson, the computer person, the internet person, the run-around person, the receptionist, the buyer expert, the seller expert, the condominium expert, the cleaning person and even the handyman actually doing repairs. Would you feel confident if your lawyer, doctor, dentist or accountant performed all the tasks in the course of their business?

I believe most salespeople are hardworking and well-meaning. Today many things are different. The business is far more complex, rules and regulations have changed a lot and technology has changed dramatically. In addition, buyers and sellers are far more knowledgeable.

Some agents have realized the need to hire an assistant who are, in most cases, not licensed to deal in real estate. This is a step in the right direction. The major problem is that when the salesperson is away for vacation, sickness, personal or business reasons you are left in the hands of a fellow Realtor in the office . . . for some people not a very comforting position.

Our solution is a team of licensed realtors along with unlicensed assistants. They are involved in every transaction enabling us to offer consistent service no matter who is away or busy with other clients.

This system also allows my team to focus on what they do best. Our system of procedures and checklists offer less chance of anything being overlooked, resulting in the best possible service to you.

My licensed team is well experienced and includes buyer agents, listing agents, condominium experts and people versed in the needs of both first time buyers and seniors. Whatever your situation, we can help.

This kind of service cost no more.

To Make A Good Move Buying or Selling is not Luck!

To Make A Good Move Buying or Selling is not Luck!