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 Our service agreement is part of the Buyers Agreement. It states exactly what services we agree to provide if you become one of our VIP Buyers.

Then there is no misunderstanding on what you can expect from us. The following guarantees come automatically when you sign up.

 1.  If you decide to sell anytime for any reason in the first 12 months after the purchase, we will sell the home and not charge  the listing agents portion of the real estate fee.

We Have the Keys to Your Success

We Have the Keys to Your Success

2. We find you the best financing. If you find better financing,  we pay  you $500 cash

3.  1 Year Appliance Warranty  and 1 year Home System Warranty up to $15,000

5. Closing insurance up to $25,000

6. Buyer can at his/her sole discretion at anytime during the term of the Buyers Agreement transfer the Agreement to any real estate office that they choose.

We Have the Keys to Your Success

We Have the Keys to Your Success

VIP Buyer Program . . . You are in Control

No cost for these services . . . the Seller Pays

Buying a home is a big decision. If you buy the wrong home or the location of the home does not work, it can be very stressful for all involved. To rectify the situation can be very expensive i.e. real estate fees to sell, legal fees, moving costs plus all the costs associated with buying another home. Then there is the pressure of selling and making sure you bought the right home.

With our VIP Buyer Program you have a much greater chance of getting the right home in the right location and knowing they got a good price.

Here is what we do.

1. Meet with you to discuss to discuss your needs and requirement now and in the near future and take you through the process of buying a home.
2. Review 20 questions to the right home and location.
3. Complete a profile on the type, location and price of house you want.
4. Set you up to receive by e-mail automatically, a list of homes that meet your profile
5. Provide detailed Buyer book walking you through the steps of buying the right home and also contains many insider reports on buying the right home .
6. Help obtain a mortgage pre-qualification certificate
7. Provide list of all distress and bank sales and determine if they are appropriate for you
8. When we find you the right home we do the following:
9.Review house comparing your wants and needs vs. its emotional appeal
10.Prepare detailed market evaluation on home and area
11.Prepare offer that best protects your interests
12.Negotiate offer in your best interest
13.Help arrange any required financing
14.Follow with any needs prior to closing


Toronto Real EstateBest financing:We get you the best financing available or we pay $500 cash if you find a better deal elsewhere.
Sell Guarantee: If you want to sell home for any reason in the first 12 months of ownership. We will sell the home and not charge our portion of the real estate fees.
Transfer agreement: You can transfer your agreement to another salesperson anytime you feel we are not doing the job up to your expectations.

By your home with confidence with our VIP Buyer Program . . . there is no cost 

Call now for a free no obligation meeting . . . so you can determine if this is the program for you.


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We have the Key to Success!

We have the Key to Success!